North Korea is now able to hit Japan with nuclear missile, says Japanese newspaper

Projectile can travel 15 times speed of sound, claims report

North Korea now appears able to hit Japan with a nuclear missile, a Tokyo-based newspaper has reported.

The secretive state caused alarm in May when it test-fired a projectile in the direction of Japan. The intermediate-range missile flew for 30 minutes before crashing into the Sea of Japan, the stretch of water that separates the countries.

A source familiar with Japan’s national security situation told Japanese national The Nikkei that analysis of the test-firing indicated the country was capable of hitting Japan.

“North Korea appears to have completed the development of a Japan-targeted nuclear missile,” the paper reported the national security source saying.

The test-fired missile reportedly travelled at 15 times the speed of sound. Japanese and US military officials said the missile flew around 800km and reached an altitude of 2,000km before it dropped into the sea.

The projectile did not disintegrate when it reentered the atmosphere, which experts said was an indication that it could be capable of carrying a warhead.




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