12-Year-Old Prodigy Plays 44 Instruments, With Goal of 100 by Year’s End… Can you even name 100?

This 12-year-old boy can do more than just play “Wonderwall” on the guitar – he can play 44 different instruments.

Neil Nayyar of Oak Grove, California holds the Assist Foundation’s world record for being the youngest person to proficiently play the highest number of musical instruments.

The prodigy didn’t become a musical genius overnight, however – Neil enjoys spending six hours per day practicing all of his musical tools. While the seventh grader learns most of his music by ear, he also gets lessons from seven teachers in his local area—and five teachers on Skype.

The instruments range from rock and blues standards; trumpet, drums, and bass; to orchestra utensils, like the flute and the harp; to more worldly additions, such as the bulal tarang and the shenhai.

“Learning is always endless. You keep learning—lifelong,” his father Rajan Nayyar told Good News Network. “His final goal is to play 100 instruments by the time he turns 13 years old. That will be another world record.”

After that, Rajan says that Neil plans on growing up to become a “composer, author/educator or music director”.

“We feel very happy whenever we see any human being do some thing exceptional,” added Rajan. “We hope Neil’s story will encourage kids of his age, and inspire the parents to encourage their kids’ hidden talents and make the world more happy place.”

(WATCH the video below)

source: goodnewsnetwork.org


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