Bus Driver Knits Personalized Hats, Scarves For Each Unique Student on Her Route

This bus driver does a lot more than escort students to and from school – she also knits them custom-made hats and scarves with love in every stitch.

While Sara Lopez has been an adoring school bus driver for 16 years, she has also been crocheting for two decades.

This year, one of the parents suggested that she combine her two loves and knit hats for the kids on her route for Hermansen Elementary School in Romeoville, Illinois.

Each hat is modeled on something the child likes, like Spongebob Squarepants, Minions, or Spiderman.

When asked why she goes the extra mile for the her tiny passengers, she says it is simply because she loves them—and loves her job.

“Our bus drivers do much more than drive and deliver,” says the school district page. “If you ride Ms. Lopez’ bus with the kids … it is like riding with a family.”

(WATCH the video below)

source: goodnewsnetwork.org


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