Watch Duck Waddle Excitedly When Students Make Him a New Leg

When Patsy Smith first found Peg the duck without his leg, she feared that he would never walk again.

Thanks to the ingenuity of a few eighth graders, however, the fowl is waddling better than ever.

Smith of Meredith, Arkansas discovered the 8-month-old Indian runner duck after a turtle had apparently bitten off his foot. As Peg grew older, his leg became more and more irritated from the injury.

That’s when Matthew Cook, Darshan Patel, and Abby Simmons of Armorel High School heard about Peg’s dilemma and volunteered to help.

Using a 3D printer at the school’s environmental and spatial technology lab, the eighth graders got to work making a replacement appendage for the unfortunate bird.

Though it took 30 different attempts, the students finally printed the perfect “Peg Leg”.

(WATCH Peg’s leg in action below)



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